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Unlocking New Markets:
SM Translation Services Redefines Communication for Your Business

Imagine a world where language is
no barrier to accessing mental
health and other resources.

Mental health private practice owners, non-profit founders and boards, healthcare offices, schools, immigration services, and many other organizations depend on proper communication, and SM Translations Services is here to help.

Our bilingual communication experts, specializing in English and Spanish translations, are here to expand your client base, serve the community, and provide flawless business translation services for your organizational needs.

Flawless translation to increase your customer base, that’s our commitment at SM Translation Services.

Our dedicated team ensures seamless communication, empowering practitioners to deliver exceptional services when the target language is Spanish. This service is precisely what is needed to connect with underserved communities, break down barriers, and make mental health and other services accessible to all. The driving force behind this endeavor is the owner and CEO of SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services, Soribel Martinez. She is proud to open the doors to translation experts, providing a gateway where language is no longer a hindrance but a bridge to well-being. Our tailored bilingual communication services are designed to meet your specific needs. We are pleased to partner with you to redefine accessibility and excellence through bilingual communication.

The Important Benefits Of

Business Translation Services

The importance of translation is evident for both business owners and their clients.
Here are some key reasons why translation plays a pivotal role in your success:

For Business Owners

For Clients

As businesses embrace the importance of linguistic and cultural inclusivity, they position themselves for dynamic growth and meaningful connections with the broader community.

What You Can Expect from

SM Translation Services

Choose us for a partnership beyond words. Our dedication and expert linguistic craftsmanship make us the translation service you can trust. We don’t just translate; we craft a narrative that resonates across cultures, building bridges that transcend barriers. Every word is another step to connection.

Quality and Precision

With SM Translation Services, you can expect the following:

A Wide Range of Services

You can turn to us for all your translation needs, including:

Team of Experts

The speed and accuracy we provide are due to our unsurpassed team of linguists who stand ready to connect you to your clients. We are proud to introduce you to the
SM Translation Services team:

Enercida Rodriguez

Director, SM Translation Services
An accredited translator with a Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Enercida Rodriguez brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a remarkable history that includes contributions to the United Nations, translation services for Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, and support for Michelle Obama during the second campaign, Enercida has also served as a translator for Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign. Her expertise extends to translating during conferences for the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Women’s Missionary Society.

Elizabeth Cedeño

Senior Translator

With four years of experience providing exemplary customer service and communication for various companies, Elizabeth Cedeno is a seasoned professional on our team. Her corporate communications skills include translating documents, contracts, and interpreting during negotiations. Elizabeth also excels in translating full-length books and web content. As a native Spanish speaker with a degree in International Relations earned in 2019, she brings a unique blend of linguistic proficiency and global understanding to our translation endeavors.

Delilah Rivera

Senior Translator
Certified both as a medical and court translator, Delilah Rivera boasts over 15 years of invaluable experience. As a native speaker of English, Delilah’s expertise ensures accurate and nuanced global market translations in specialized fields.

Alicia Fernandez

Spanish Translation Editor

Alicia Fernandez is the meticulous editor behind our Spanish translations. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to linguistic excellence, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and precision of our translated content. Together, this dedicated team at SM Translation Services combines expertise, experience, and a commitment to linguistic excellence to deliver unparalleled high-quality translations for a diverse range of needs.

A Professional Workflow

We believe in making every translation project a collaborative effort.
Here’s a glimpse into the step-by-step process that awaits our clients:


During this phase, you provide all current information relevant to the project. This includes key details and any specific preferences you may have.

Translation Draft:

As the translation process unfolds, a draft is crafted and presented to you. This is your opportunity to review the content to ensure it aligns with your expectations and requirements.

Finalized Document Submission:

With your input incorporated, our translator makes the necessary changes and submits the finalized document.

Consultation and Assessment:

Our journey begins with a thorough consultation and assessment. We work to understand your unique needs and the scope of your project. This initial step sets the foundation for a personalized translation.

Assigned to a Qualified Translator:

Our human-centric approach ensures that a skilled professional, never an automated system, takes on the task. This personalized touch guarantees that your project is in the hands of someone who understands the nuances of the language and context.

Review and Suggestions:

We value your feedback. If you have suggestions, we enter a collaborative phase where revisions are welcomed. Our goal is to ensure that the final translation resonates perfectly with your vision and purpose.

Ongoing Support - One Update Included:

We understand the importance of keeping clinical forms and documents up to date. That’s why most of our packages include one complimentary update. Our commitment ensures that your materials remain relevant and effective. At SM Translation Services, our process is not just a series of steps. It is a journey where human expertise and personalized attention come together to deliver translation excellence.

The Human Touch

We never use machine translation or AI in our work.
When we are your language service provider, you are working with caring, experienced professionals. While machine translations can provide speedy, literal, technical translations into a different language, they lack cultural understanding, nuance, and sensitivity.

Only human translations can connect with your clients on a human level. Our language translation services come from a group of experts who care about the art of communication.

Get Started Today

and Create a Bridge to Inclusivity for Your Business

When you are ready to serve new clients, expand your service area, and connect with underserved communities, SM Translation Services is here to provide language solutions and help you grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Translation services involve the conversion of text or content from one language to another, maintaining the intended meaning, context, and tone. These services from a translation company ensure effective communication across linguistic boundaries.
Content localization goes beyond interpreting services. It involves adapting content to suit the cultural, linguistic, and contextual nuances of a specific audience. The Spanish spoken by people in Puerto Rico is different than the Spanish spoken in Mexico and we understand the cultural nuance.
While both translation and localization involve language conversion, they differ in scope. Translation focuses on converting text from one language to another while maintaining accuracy and clarity. Localization considers broader cultural and contextual elements, adapting content to suit the specific nuances of the audience.
A certified translation service involves the translation of documents by a professional translator who has been authorized or certified by a recognized translation association or agency.
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