Empowering Soulful Visionaries to Craft a Legacy

Evolve your business with aligned branding at every client interaction.

This website was designed by Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design

Barb & her team empowered me to own my magic and magnetize my soul clients through strategic and soulful branding and website design.

Take a peek at some of their  soulful work

It's not just beautiful, it's also strategic and intentional

April Goff Brown's website
Infinity Brand Design portfolio piece: Soribel Martinez's Million Dollar Private Practice Manual
Spellbinding Launches Get It Done Week Sales Page Design
Dr. Tamara Mitchell-Davis's Pen to Profit Book

Meet Barb of Infinity Brand Design

Barb believes there’s magic inside every one of us. She believes that magic is our differentiator and makes us memorable.

Barb Pritchard, CEO of Infinity Brand Design

About Infinity Brand Design

Stand out in a world of uniformity

Infinity Brand Design is more than a company; it’s a beacon for those ready to make their unique mark in the world. Born from a deep-seated belief in the power of transformation, they recognize that to stand out in a world of uniformity, your unique message, magic, purpose, and expertise need to shine brightly. Infinity Brand Design understands the struggle of blending in when you’re meant to stand out, and they’re here to guide you from obscurity into the spotlight.

True path to success lies in authenticity

As Infinity Brand Design’s founder, Barb Pritchard’s journey from corporate strategist to entrepreneurial luminary was fueled by a passion for applying big-business ideas and empathy-centric strategies to purpose-driven small enterprises, proving that with the right approach, any business can flourish. It was through embracing her unique magic, sharing her spiritual journey, and breaking free from conventional molds that Barb discovered the true path to success lies in authenticity.

Your magic is your differentiator

At Infinity Brand Design, they believe your magic is what sets you apart. Your stories of resilience, your innate strengths forged through challenges, are the keys to connecting and helping others. They champion the notion that looking for the silver lining, sharing our journeys, and contributing to a world filled with do-gooders can incrementally transform the globe for the better.

Join Barb and her team in crafting your legacy and creating extraordinary transformations. Unveil your unique message to the world together, because your distinct magic is not just your differentiator; it’s your destiny.

Ready to craft your legacy?

Create a business and brand that's not only seen, but also deeply felt and memorable.

Looking for a done-with-you experience?

If your business is established and you’re getting ready to scale, I HIGHLY recommend working with them 1:1. Barb and her team will help you tighten up your brand positioning, brand messaging, visual identity, then build you a magical, highly-converting online presence.

Prefer do-it-yourself options?

If you’re starting a business from scratch and short on funding but want professional options for your purpose-driven business, I’d recommend getting started with one of their done-for-you brand kits, websites, sales pages, and more at the Infinity Brand Design Shop.

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