Oral Sex 101: Cunnilingus Tips

Cunnilingus is any form of using the mouth to stimulate parts of the vulva and vagina. This includes licking, sucking, kissing, and even nibbling or biting. Cunnilingus hits major erogenous zones for vulva owners. Like blowjobs, cunnilingus can be pleasurable for both the giver and receiver, especially if you’re comfortable getting up close and personal. …

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Oral Sex 101: Best Blowjob Tips

Whether you’ve given zero blowjobs or a number with lots of zeros, you’re probably interested in ways to make them better for your partner and more enjoyable for you. The only rule about blowjobs is there are no rules. Blowjobs involve taking a penis or another phallic-shaped item like a dildo and using your mouth …

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