Private Practice Branding with Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design

Private Practice Branding with Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design

When I present myself to the world, I do it with purpose. Whether it is through,, my videos, blogs, or social media, everything consistently demonstrates my passion, purpose, vision, and mission. 

In all my communications, I connect with current and potential clients, draw in potential employees, and share with my community precisely who I am and what I do. This is the work of branding. It is the intentional work of keeping everything aligned with my purpose. 

Therefore, when I set out to hire a professional to help me with my branding, you know I won’t leave it to chance. I do my homework and hire one of the best in the business. That is why I chose to work with Barb Pritchard at Infinity Brand Design

Barb gets me, and that is what I love most about working with her. She takes the time and effort to learn who I am. She listens, learns, and aligns herself with my purpose and vision. She understands my energy, my brand, and who I am as both a person and a business owner. I don’t have to micromanage Barb. Working with her doesn’t require an endless number of tedious meetings. She works to understand her clients so we can be assured of getting exactly what we need, aligned with our missions.

What is Branding?

What is branding?

When I asked Barb to define branding, she gave more than a simple textbook answer. First, she wants to distinguish between brand and branding. 

A brand is your business. It’s every aspect of client interaction and how you make that client feel. It’s how you build relationships. It is what makes clients keep coming back and how they feel as they interact with your business.

Branding is everything that entices your clients. It is the tactile elements of your brand—everything from your visuals and messaging to your logo and colors. Every detail is important as you think through each aspect of branding. 

Your branding, purpose, and mission are your calling. It is why you are here. It is why you do what you do. It is the vehicle behind your business. Your brand is your beacon to your clients. Wouldn’t you want dazzling and magnetic branding?

Are You a Good Fit for Branding?

People who come to Barb are usually people in transition. Perhaps you find yourself as a business owner making statements such as: 

  • “I’m not attracting my ideal clients anymore”, signaling that your audience has evolved.
  • “I feel like we’ve hit a plateau”, expressing a sense of stagnation or lack of growth.
  • “I’ve grown/changed a lot since we started”, feeling a change in your vision can lead to a disconnect with the brand.
  • “My heart’s not in it like it used to be”, expressing that your brand no longer aligns with your current passions or purpose.
  • “Our message seems to get lost”, feeling that your messaging isn’t resonating or standing out or communicating your unique value.
  • “It feels like we’re blending in, not standing out”, feeling as though your message is too generic or similar to competitors.
  • “Customers have been asking for something different”, indicating that the market needs have shifted.
  • “I’m not as excited to share about our brand/website as I used to be”, lacking enthusiasm, indicating the brand no longer reflects your current values or interests.

If so, you may be the ideal client for Barb and Infinity Brand Design. Statements such as these do not reflect a failure on the part of the business owner. They are an indication that you have evolved and you are not happy with the status quo. That discontent and frustration is a signal that you are ready for more. It’s time to move to the next level. 

Your next step is to move deeper into your purpose and mission. 

That is why Barb describes her ideal clients as purpose-driven entrepreneurs—spiritually aligned entrepreneurs—and soulful visionaries. In short, she describes me, Soribel Martinez, as her ideal client, and she’s right. When I work with Barb, our purposes are aligned, and I know I’m getting exactly the help I need for my brand. 

What To Expect When Working with Barb Pritchard of Infinity Brand Design

When you trust Barb with your branding, you are going to get in-depth personal care. 

Kick Off Call

First, you will have a one-on-one call to discuss your purpose, vision, and passion. Barb doesn’t want to simply know what you do but who you are. She knows you put your heart and soul into your business, and she wants to understand that spirit you put into your business.

Your Soul Client

Next, it is important to understand what Barb calls your soul client. She wants to get crystal clear on the type of person that is in alignment with your purpose, vision, and mission. 

Your Magic

Your personality is the magic of your brand. The goal is to infuse your uniqueness, your true magic, into your brand. 

The Visuals

Now, it is time to start developing the branding items. This is a collaborative project where Barb and her clients work together to start bringing the magic to life. 

Your Project Brief

Once the basics are sketched out, Barb develops a project brief to make sure she and her clients see everything eye to eye. Barb wants to ensure she understands you and your purpose.

The Branding

Once her client signs off on the brief, she comes back with the logo and all the other brand marketing materials, but it doesn’t end there. Barb’s policy is unlimited revision. She will work with you as long as it takes to get things right. In her words, “It’s important that you love it.”

This is why I love working with Barb and her team at Infinity Brand Design. She has a step-by-step process designed to understand me and my purpose to give me branding I love. 

Private Practice Growth and the Role of Branding

Branding and The Long-Term Journey

As I mentioned earlier, Barb’s clients are often in transition, evolving to the next phase of their journey. Barb knows that this is a natural part of personal and professional growth. That’s why she wants to stay in touch with her clients long-term. 

She suggests that new strategy sessions take place every six to twelve months. This is to assess your current purpose, vision, and passion and check that against your soul client. As you grow, you will change. Your business will change, and that means your branding will grow. Barb and her team make sure you have the right branding for who you are in each stage of your life and business. 

Throughout the entire process, Barb keeps detailed files, keeping her team of experts up to date with your specific needs and personally leading your branding project as creative director.

The Importance of Investing in Professional Branding

There are business owners who are hesitant to invest in branding. There is always an excuse to procrastinate or try to handle your branding yourself. Remember, you may have professional credentials in several areas, but marketing is not one of them. If you handle your branding as an amateur, you will get amateur results. 

Business owners that don’t invest in branding stay stuck. They stay stagnant, and they stay poor. If you ignore your branding, you will struggle to draw clients and employees. Without clients and talented employees, prosperity is impossible. 

You want professionals to be excited to work for you. You want clients to seek out your services. To accomplish this, you have to show them you are a legitimate business owner with an air of professionalism. Proper branding gives you that legitimacy. People can recognize your vision, mission, and purpose. Potential clients and employees can recognize their alignment with you and have confidence knowing who you are. 

Branding will make or break your business, so make sure you put your branding in the hands of skilled professionals. 

The Joy of Success with Aligned Branding

I asked Barb to describe the business owners she works with once they have the right brand. Barb says they glow. You can see the joy on their faces. They are elated. They are calling in their soul clients who benefit from their services and excited to share their business with the world. They are being seen and heard, not just by the public. They are drawing the right people and working with their ideal clients. 

Having the right branding means a business owner can speak about their services without sounding “sell-y” because it is natural to them. The branding of their business is part of who they are. 

If you have your brand set up in a way that is aligned and a website is set up right, it will bring in your soul clients and repel those who are not aligned with you. You are working with those who, from the beginning, understand your services, price points, and the benefits you bring to their lives. Every day is filled with soul clients and working with employees who are aligned with your vision, purpose, and mission. This is why Barb sees her clients glow. 


Soribel Martinez

Soribel Martinez is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist with dual graduate school diplomas, an MBA and MSW, with over 25 years of experience. She is the owner of SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services, which has given her the hands-on business experience and know-how to help you reach your greatest potential.


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You Can Be Next

Barb and her team at Infinity Brand Design have helped a host of business owners, and you can be next. Barb has the services you need and even provides free resources to help you own your magic.

Barb knows the world needs your message, magic, purpose, and expertise, but as she says, “You can’t get noticed if you don’t stand out.”

When you are ready to envision and embody your business evaluation, connect with Infinity Brand Design with a free, 20-minute conversation (over Zoom) to discuss your vision, goals, needs, and wants. No strings attached. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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