Manifest a Successful Business by Soribel Martinez

Manifest a Successful Group Therapy Practice

Manifest a Successful Group Therapy Practice

As a little girl, lying in the grass, gazing at cloud formations over my Dominican home, I envisioned my life someday. Before I knew terms like Masterclass and The Secret, in my mind, I enjoyed my success as a business owner. I dreamed of the books I would write, making a difference in people’s lives. I saw myself grown-up, confident, educated, insightful, and making an impact. I saw it all, unaware of the practice in which I engaged. That little girl didn’t understand the power of manifestation, the subconscious mind, or the law of attraction. Still, you don’t have to understand it for it to work. Years later, I continue to manifest business success and live those childhood dreams. 

If I’ve now given the impression that it is easy, it wasn’t. I needed to overcome a string of nay-sayers, dream stealers, oppressors, and stereotypes for my business and life to flourish. There were many times I could have given in to those expectations and limits and allowed the visions of that little girl to die. Yet I kept dreaming.

This is what I want for you, too. In this blog, I will explore the important principles of manifestation. We’ll also cover personal hindrances, societal hindrances, and helpful next steps for your journey. 

Perhaps you’ve spent the last year thinking about a startup. You may have a new business or a small business you want to scale. Even if you are a thriving business professional, manifestation can help in every area. By understanding and practicing the lessons here, you can manifest the life you want and the business you desire. You can thrive to the level of childhood dreams. 

Understanding Manifestation and How it Can Work in Your Therapy Practice

Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires and goals into reality. It involves the law of attraction and knowing that your thoughts and feelings influence your external circumstances. The principles of manifestation include the following:

About manifestation in business
  • Clarity: You must be clear about what you want to manifest. Be specific about your visualization. This will take some thought. It is not always easy to specifically answer the question, “What do you want?” Yet you can only attract what you clearly visualize. 
  • Belief: You must have a strong belief that you can achieve your business goals. If you don’t believe it’s possible, you are working against your own desires. This involves being careful where you share your dreams. Don’t involve dream stealers in your conversation. Oppressors don’t need to know your manifesting thoughts. Only share with people that will support you in your manifestation practice and offer their affirmations. 
  • Focus: You must focus your attention on your goals and desires. This means eliminating distractions and staying focused on your vision. The key to this is learning to say no. If you try to do everything for everyone, you will never achieve your goals. Focus, and say yes only to the things that align with your vision. 
  • Action: Manifestation techniques involve action. You must take inspired action toward your goals, even in small steps. Perform a SWOT analysis, develop a plan, set a schedule, develop a budget, and work toward your goals as you continue to visualize the result. 
  • Gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful aspect of manifestation. Don’t wait until you have everything to practice gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have and for the progress you’re making toward your goals. Gratitude brings joy to the journey and gives you energy for the steps ahead. 
  • Patience: Manifestation takes time. Be patient and trust that it is a step-by-step process. You can set schedules for your action steps, but you don’t control the power of manifestation. Timing comes from the Divine. Enjoy the journey, and know that your dreams will manifest in time. 
  • Energy: Your thoughts and emotions create energy that can either help or hinder your manifestation. Focus on positive thoughts and emotions to attract positive outcomes. Of course, there will be problems, but it is your choice whether you let them hinder you or see them as opportunities to learn and grow; even difficulties can be necessary steps toward reaching your potential. Use tools such as vision boards and positive affirmations to keep your positive energy mindset. 
  • Alignment: Your actions, thoughts, and emotions must align with your goals and dreams. If there’s a conflict, it will be difficult to manifest your desires. This can come from living someone else’s vision for you or giving into someone else’s agenda. Work to keep all aspects of your life aligned with the vision you are manifesting. 

By focusing on these principles of manifestation, you can set goals with your positive mindset and make them a reality.

Personal Hindrances to Manifestation for Private Mental Health Practice Owners

While manifestation can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals and desires, there are some common hindrances that can make it difficult to practice manifestation effectively. Here are a few of them:

  • Negative beliefs: If you have negative beliefs about yourself, your abilities, or the world around you, these can hinder your ability to manifest. For example, suppose you believe you’re not worthy of success or that the world is a hostile place. In that case, it will be difficult to manifest positive outcomes.
  • Lack of faith: If you don’t believe that manifestation works or that you can achieve your goals, it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Without faith, you may not take the necessary actions to achieve your goals, or you may give up too quickly.
  • Resistance to change: Manifestation often requires that you step outside your comfort zone and take risks. If you’re resistant to change or afraid of the unknown, you may struggle to manifest your desires.
  • Inconsistent energy: Your thoughts and emotions create energy. If you’re not consistently focusing on positive thoughts and emotions, it can hinder the manifestation process.

By identifying and addressing these hindrances, you can overcome the obstacles that may be preventing you from successfully practicing manifestation.

Societal Hindrances to Manifestation Group Therapy Practice Owners

Personal and societal hindrances to manifestation.

In addition to personal hindrances, societal hindrances can make it difficult to practice manifestation. Here are a few examples:

  • Social conditioning: Society often conditions us to believe in limitations and scarcity. We may be told that certain things are impossible, or that success is reserved for a select few. These limiting beliefs can make it difficult to manifest our desires.
  • Cultural expectations: Cultural expectations can also create hindrances to manifestation. For example, my culture taught women to be homemakers, wives, and mothers. Owning my own business is outside my cultural norm.
  • Systemic oppression: Systemic oppression, such as racism, sexism, ableism, and classism, can create barriers to manifestation. These systems can limit access to resources and opportunities, making it a hardship but not impossible. Oppression is powerful, but so is manifestation. Keep dreaming. 
  • Economic inequality: If you don’t have access to basic needs like adequate housing and healthcare, it is difficult to focus on manifesting your desires. Work to meet these basic needs and view them as one of the initial steps toward your ultimate goal. Remember to practice gratitude, even for basic items, each step along the way. 
  • Media messaging: The media, including social media, can also create hindrances to manifestation by promoting unrealistic standards of beauty, success, and happiness. These messages can create feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, making it harder to manifest positive outcomes. Detach your mind from these influences. Don’t be defined by society and create the person you are destined to be.

By acknowledging these societal hindrances and working to overcome them, you can live your dream life. In the process, as you break down barriers, you can create a more supportive environment for those that come after you.


Soribel Martinez

Soribel Martinez is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist with dual graduate school diplomas, an MBA and MSW, with over 25 years of experience. She is the owner of SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services, which has given her the hands-on business experience and know-how to help you reach your greatest potential.


Next Up:

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Helpful Next Steps

Manifestation involves mindset, discipline, and overcoming personal and societal hindrances. It is not easy, but living a life you never wanted is much harder. If you have never practiced manifestation before, I’ll give you my top tips. Start today with the following:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Relax and breathe
  • Let your mind soar
  • Imagine the life you want
  • Repeat this practice every day, practicing all the aspects you learned here
Manifestation is important to your success in life and as a business owner. To manifest your dream business, it needs to be a part of your business plan, and I want to help. Order your Private Practice Business Mindset Assessment to start setting yourself up for success. Click here to apply!

For more on developing your life and business to live the life of your dreams, check out the new book, Unbreakable by Soribel Martinez, LCSW, CEO of SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services. It’s a story of one woman’s journey through adversity and how you can use her principles to build your successful life. Get your copy here.

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