Intimacy Recovery Guide

“The Path to Better Intimacy, Stronger Relationships, and Hotter Sex”

  • Do you crave better sex and more orgasms?
  • Maybe you want the sort of connection that makes you feel both safe and free so you can show up as your authentic self and find love.
  • Do you find it difficult to balance the demands of building a career with your desire for a genuine connection with your partner?
  • Does fear of intimacy cause you to hold back in sexual relationships?

You can get more out of your intimate relationships – but it starts with you.

Whether you’re single or partnered the path to deeper intimacy and the sex life of your dreams starts with creating a deep sense of intimacy with yourself. You have to know which areas of intimacy you enjoy most, which ones you crave for true connection, and how to ask for what you need. No partner will know what you want if you can’t articulate it.

Our Intimacy Recovery Guide is for you if:


  • You’ve ignored your sexual desires for so long you aren’t even sure what you want in the bedroom – let alone how to ask for it.
  • You’re a busy professional wanting to build a romantic relationship while scaling your business. You want it all.
  • You know there’s more out there – more desire, more pleasure, more connection – and you want the tools to claim yours.
  • You struggle with vulnerability and hold back in romantic relationships – you can’t let go in the bedroom or anywhere else and you want to get to that next level of intimacy.
  • You sometimes feel like you’re not fully present during sex or masturbation. You aren’t sure how to build intimacy with yourself or your partner.

In the Intimacy Recovery Guide You’ll Learn:


  • Why working on the different forms of intimacy will improve your sexual intimacy.
  • The five types of intimacy:
    • Emotional intimacy including conversation, vulnerability and labeling emotions.
    • Intellectual intimacy that stimulates you and your partner in your largest erogenous zone.
    • Experiential intimacy and how shared experiences deepen healthy relationships.
    • Spiritual intimacy including discussions of religion, and experiences in nature.
    • Physical intimacy from cuddling to penetrative sex, and everywhere in between.
  • Simple action steps you can take today to improve each area of intimacy with yourself or your partner.

Who is Soribel Martinez?


Soribel Martinez is a psychotherapist and sex coach with over twenty- years of experience in the mental health field. She guides busy, professional men and women in creating the intimate lives of their dreams. Whether you want more emotional closeness, hotter sex, less shame surrounding sex and sexuality, or stronger personal relationships expanding your definition of intimacy is often the first step.

That’s why she created the Intimacy Recovery Guide – it’s an action-based guide to help you understand the different forms of intimacy and incorporate each into your life and relationships.

Get Your Intimacy Recovery Guide Today


Downloading our Intimacy Recovery Guide is your first step toward finding the intimate connection you crave. We’re only offering the Intimacy Recovery Guide for a low fee of $27 for a limited time, so get your copy today by clicking the link below.

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