Rekindle Your Sex Life


Is Your Relationship Suffering From Lack Of Sexual Satisfaction?

~ Are you and your partner in a sexless relationship?

~ Do you have mismatched sex drives?

~ Have communication issues hindered your ability to enjoy intimacy?

~ Has infidelity made it difficult to rebuild trust and have sex again?

If so, I encourage both of you to pursue my “Rekindle Your Sex Life” program for couples.

The Program Is Right For You And Your Partner If You Want To:

~ Match each other’s libido

~ Strengthen your sexual desires and stamina

~ Improve your sex life by 20-percent

~ Have open communication about your needs and desires

~ Rebuild trust in the wake of infidelity

~ Work around medical issues interfering with your sex life

~ Understand how relationship issues are impacting your sex life (and vice versa)

~ Find someone to talk to about your sexual struggles without any fear of judgment

The “Rekindle Your Sex Life” Program Includes:

~ 90 days of private coaching with me. I will help you and your partner explore the root cause of your sexual disconnect, learn about how sex impacts you emotionally, and increase your sense of intimacy and trust.

~ A 90-minute evaluation during the first session. This is a chance for you and your partner to discuss your needs and goals for coaching. In preparation, both of you will fill out an in-depth assessment questionnaire to gather information about your relationship history, views on sex, and other important information.

~ 12 weekly sessions that each last up to 45 minutes.
Weekly assignments to help you work on your mindset, improve communication, and enhance your sex life.

~ A bonus of direct and unlimited access to me via text or email from Monday through Thursday.

~ A bonus of sex education resources to help you and your significant other learn more about sexual issues you may have experienced.

~ A paid-in-full bonus that consists of a “Rekindle Your Sex Life” box. This box includes sex toys you and your partner can use to spice up your time in the bedroom.

Let Me Help You And Your Significant Renew Your Desire For Each Other

If you and your partner are feeling sexually frustrated, I am confident that I can help you reignite the flame at the heart of your sex life. To get started, you can schedule a “Rekindle Your Sex Life” discovery call.

Coaching Services For Women

Individual 90-Day Private Coaching Program
one on one sex coaching
Individual 6 Month Private Coaching Program
sex coaching class connecticut
Individual Year Long Private Coaching Program

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