Intimacy Recovery Kit

“Your Path to Better Intimacy, Stronger Relationships, and Hotter Sex”

  • Do you struggle with fear of intimacy in your relationships?
  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself and have trouble articulating your desires?
  • Do you have sex with your partner only to feel lonely and withdrawn after?
  • Is your relationship lacking a true connection?
  • When was the last time you had a sexual experience that turned your brain off, so all you could do was feel?

When you’re a busy professional, entrepreneur or running a business while trying to run a household, it can be easy to put your needs and the needs of your relationships on the back burner. You’re so busy tackling your to-do list every day that you forget to leave time for pleasure and connection.

But pleasure is your birthright, and connection is a basic human need. When you deny yourself one or both, you wind up feeling lethargic, and every area of your life feels like a chore. Ignoring your needs for pleasure and connection can affect how you show up at work and kill your productivity.

Healthy relationships involve emotional closeness, shared experiences, and even mind-blowing sex. You can learn the skills to develop different forms of intimacy in your personal relationships. When you learn these skills and apply them in your life, you’ll see rewards right away.

  • You’ll feel calmer and more connected to yourself.
  • Your partner will be drawn to you again.
  • You’ll feel like holding hands and cuddling more often.
  • Your sexual relationship will explode again.

Intimacy is Complicated


The definition of intimacy from the Cambridge Dictionary is “a situation where you have a close friendship or sexual relationship with someone.” But true intimacy is more complicated than that.

That’s why we developed the Intimacy Recovery Kit.  I want to help you simplify your intimacy and your journey to creating a stronger relationship. This kit will help you get started on your journey to sexual satisfaction and deeper intimacy in your personal relationships.

The Kit Includes:


The 30- Minute Intimacy Recovery Coaching Session (Valued at $349): An Intimacy Recovery Call is a 30-minute coaching call with Soribel to discuss your intimacy issues and goals. Soribel will give you practical tips for getting started, and you’ll learn if one of her programs is right for you.

The Intimacy Recovery Masterclass (Valued at $333): Access to Soribel’s Intimacy Recovery Masterclass – Soribel is an expert in human sexuality and psychotherapy, making her an excellent facilitator of intimacy and sex education. You’ll learn what true intimacy is, how to build it with yourself and others, and strategies for solving intimacy issues that will improve your intimate relationships and the rest of your life.

The Intimacy Recovery Journal (Valued at $197): The journal is designed to guide you through evaluating your intimate connections with yourself and others to start your healing journey. It includes exercises for all five types of intimacy: emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, intellectual intimacy, spiritual intimacy, and experiential intimacy.

The Intimacy Recovery Activation (Valued at $77): A bonus audio recording of the physical intimacy activation. You can listen alone or with a partner to learn how and where you like to be touched.

The kit is valued at a total of $856

Get The Intimacy Recovery Kit Today!

The kit includes a coaching session, The Intimacy Recovery Masterclass, The Intimacy Recovery Journal, and the Intimacy Activation Audio all for only $700.

You deserve a sex life and romantic relationship that leaves you feeling both held and free. For a small investment of $700, you can learn to build intimacy with yourself and your loved ones. You can enjoy intimacy without reservation, without guilt, and without fear.

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