How Your Mindset Affects Your Sex Life

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How Your Mindset

If you’re reading this blog, it’s a good bet that you want a better sex life. Maybe you’ve been having good sex with your partner or by yourself for many years, but you wonder if there is a way to increase sexual pleasure. 

Maybe your sexual desire has waned, and you want to get your libido back. Perhaps you understand that sexual health is tied to your overall well-being, and you want to improve your health.

Whatever individual differences brought you here, I can share with you one truth that will unlock higher levels of orgasmic bliss in your life. 

The key to great sex is your mindset. Let me take you on a vulnerable journey through my insecurities to help you understand the link between your brain and sexual satisfaction.  

Why vulnerability? You ask. 

Because we are all humans, and we share similar struggles. Vulnerability breeds connection and connecting is what humans are born to do.

Our insecurities affect our sex lives

When we struggle to accept pieces of ourselves, we don’t get to experience life as fully as we want. Shame and guilt keep us from living our truth. All that shame, guilt, and negativity impact our sex lives in a big way.

So, here is my story!

I came to the United States when I was about 13 years old, and English was not my first language. I struggled through High school with the language and adjustments to a new culture.

That struggle left me feeling insecure about my speech and writing. That insecurity affected my relationships, my mental health, as well as my work.

So, the reality is that we all have some insecurity in our lives.  These insecurities can affect many areas, impacting our performance, relationship satisfaction, and how we relate to others.

So, you may say, Soribel, what does your language barrier have to do with your work as a Sex Coach, educator, and therapist. 

It has everything to do with it. Let me explain.

We all have insecurities. For some of us, it’s the way we pronounce certain words, and for others, it may be the way our thighs jiggle when we walk. Insecurities tend to get in the way. They keep us stuck and sometimes make us feel negative about ourselves. But, they can also impact the way we interact with others and the world around us.

I often feel insecure in my writing, filming videos, and communicating in person due to my accent.  It’s a real thing in my life. It makes me insecure. Those insecurities kept me from showing up fully because people may not understand me or might judge me. 

I had all these messages inside that I felt I needed to share with the world – especially with my fellow women – and I didn’t share them because of fear and insecurity. 

The truth? I make mistakes. At times I feel like, hmm, I don’t want to write anything. I don’t want to get on that stage and speak to a crowd who may sit there wondering why this woman with a thick accent has the nerve to be up on stage talking about confidence, self-love, and becoming an empowered woman. 

So, how do I move through that fear – that sea of insecurities – to bring you the message I know women need to hear?

The key to sexual satisfaction (and all satisfaction) is your mindset 

I do the mindset work to shift my fear and perception that I am less than into empowerment. I tell myself I am good enough. I am powerful, and I deserve success.   Then I pull my sexy panties up and get down to business.

When I struggle to pronounce certain words, I no longer dissolve into feelings of unworthiness. Now I know it’s part of who I am. It’s Soribel.

I realized I was lying to myself. Women do this all the time. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy when we lose ten pounds or that our worth is tied to the food we ate for dinner. Like the lies I told myself about my accent being a barrier to my message, as soon as we start doing the work to shift our mindset, we can see these pieces of us as assets rather than hindrances. 

You are reading this post and have watched my videos on Facebook or Instagram, and you understand what I am saying, even though I have an accent.

In fact, now that I rock a hot sexy b*tch mindset in every aspect of my life, I know that my accent is a strength. Some have said that one of the reasons they watch my videos is because they love listening to my accent.  Aha…

You see! It was all in my head. My brain was working against me, holding me back from living my truth out loud and proud. And I’m sharing this vulnerability with you today because there’s a chance that your mindset is holding you back from your hot sexy b*tch life full of the sexual experiences you crave. 

The key to shifting our mindset is to get clear about our sexual desires 

I want to help women embrace their desires to have the sex they want and the orgasms they crave. Once I made that goal non-negotiable, anything that stood in the way had to go, including any mindset nonsense.  

The thing about these insecurities is that we never signed a contract for perfection. We’re all just imperfect humans doing our best with what we have. And what I have is an insatiable desire to help other women see, access, and own their potential in all areas of their lives. And yes, that includes your limitless potential for multiple orgasms. 

As a therapist and coach, I know that the limiting beliefs were all in my head. 

Ok, Soribel, we hear you about the limiting beliefs. But what does this have to do with orgasms? 

Women have insecurities, including body image issues. They feel uncomfortable when engaging in sexual activities with their partners or with themselves. That discomfort is a roadblock to sexual pleasure.

Women’s bodies change from age, illness, and life events. Sometimes those changes can be tough to handle, especially when we factor in the messages women get from society about how they should look. Women are taught that thin is pretty, that small is best, and that their true desires are too much. 

I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite women are big, bold, and chase their desires like cheetahs. 

We’ve been in a sexual relationship with ourselves far longer than we’ve been in any other sexual relationship. If we think negatively about ourselves, shifting our self-talk is the first step toward adjusting our sexual mindset beliefs. 

Some women struggle because the message they’ve received about sex involves penetrative sex as the best way for couples to enjoy intimacy. 

The truth is that since most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, lots of women have never had an orgasm

I wish I were making that up. 

Many of these women feel that they are wrong and, so, they fake the orgasm. But I know one strategy that can change insecurities so women can put themselves out there and get what they want in their sex lives, including more sexy, hot, juicy orgasms.

How can women achieve sexual satisfaction?

Women can make this change by developing the Hot Sexy B*tch Mindset so that they can work through insecurities and experience more of what they want. Once women identify their sexual desires, develop a growth mindset about sex, and see it as a skill they are willing (and able) to learn; they become unstoppable feminine forces.

If women want to have hotter, juicier orgasms, they must change their mindset.

I worked on shifting my belief that my accent is a problem.

It’s not.

The problem is the limiting belief that it is an issue.

I have helped myself by reprogramming my mind. I recognize that I do struggle with English from time to time, but I am relentless.

My accent won’t stop me from creating the life and business that I want. It won’t stand in the way of impacting the lives of other women who need to transform the way they think, so their insecurities don’t stop them from enjoying more orgasms in their lives.

Your mindset is what’s keeping you from having the amazing sex life you crave. You are not alone in this; many women struggle in the same ways. 

soribel martinez mindset

Thank God for sex therapists and coaches like me who are ready to help you STOP faking the big ‘O’ and start enjoying some sexy, hot, juicy orgasms with yourself or your partner.

Let me help you develop the Hot, Sexy B*tch Mindset that will help you orgasm not just once but again (and again, and again, and again). 

I created this fantastic 90-day private coaching program for women just like you struggling to orgasm due to their insecurities, relationship issues, sexual traumas, and many other issues that impact women’s sexuality.

I have a step-by-step method to help you shift, change, transform and reprogram your mind so that you can enjoy more sex, intimacy, and sexual pleasures in your life. Yes, and more orgasms.

Don’t worry; I will never forget about the orgasms. 

Do you want to be a woman who embraces her sexual desire and has more sex, more pleasure, and more orgasms? 

Of course, you do. 

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Let me help you on your path of sexual discovery. 

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