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Concierge Couples Therapy: Your Relationship Is Our Priority

When your relationship started you never imagined the two of you would end up in this place. You’re caught somewhere between hopeless and helpless. Somehow, life kept happening and the two of you wound up living around each other instead of with each other. Maybe several small relationship issues caused cracks in your relationship foundation that deepened overtime or maybe infidelity or a significant life change derailed your marriage. Concierge couples therapy with a licensed therapist can help pull you out of the darkness and create the healthy relationship you crave.

Or, maybe your relationship hasn’t experienced a major breach, but you’re looking to do some maintenance to ensure that tiny issues don’t get out of control. Maybe you know that checking in with couples therapy can help prevent cracks in your foundation. Concierge couples therapy can help you get the results you want, faster than traditional couples counseling.

Couples therapy can treat various relationship issues including sexual health, conflict resolution, infidelity, problems with intimacy, and communication. Effective couples counseling can empower you to resolve conflicts, discuss your needs, and maintain the healthy relationship you both want.

Why Do People See A Concierge Couples Therapist?

Traditional couples counseling can take 12-16 sessions to see results. If you’re seeing a therapist every other week, that’s more than six months. If you’re a busy professional, a homemaker with a multitude of responsibilities, or an entrepreneur focused on building your business you don’t have six-nine months to wait for your relationship to improve. Relationship issues impact your mental health which impacts your success.

A concierge provider is a licensed therapist who takes fewer clients and is able to dedicate more time to your individual case. This means extended therapy sessions, flexible scheduling, follow-up between visits, and a completely customized program that doesn’t rely on insurance regulations. You’ll get therapy on your terms that you can keep private from family members, employers, coworkers, and your business partner.

Soribel’s relationship therapy programs are completely customized to help couples work through:

  • Premarital counseling to discuss things like monogamy, having children, blending families, financial decision making, and all the other concerns of couples beginning a life together.
  • Infidelity: when infidelity rocks a marriage it can cause far-reaching devastation. Marriage counseling can help each party work through their disappointment, anger and prevent resentment from settling in—many couples who can work through infidelity report stronger, healthier relationships as a result. If a connection cannot be repaired, couples therapy can help you separate amicably.
  • Sexual issues: Soribel is skilled in psychotherapy and is a sex therapist, so helping couples improve their intimacy is a huge focus of her work. When sex is working, a couple’s relationship satisfaction improves. She uses the latest modalities and research-based sex education to help you and your partner through issues related to erectile dysfunction, mismatched libidos, non-monogamy, BDSM, sexual trauma, and emotional intimacy.
  • Life changes: Childbirth, illness, aging parents, and career changes can impact relationship satisfaction. When you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re actually in a relationship with many different versions of the same person since we’re constantly changing and growing as humans. Soribel has a background in family therapy that she uses with couples to help them navigate life changes.

Is Couples Therapy Worth It?

Your relationship is your foundation. It provides security. You fell in love for a reason, and that love is still there regardless of your current struggles. Soribel uses various methods, including emotionally focused therapy and behavioral therapy, to ensure that you walk away with a healthy relationship, a satisfying sex life, and a future that feels simultaneously exciting and secure.

The success rate of couples counseling varies based on several factors. The first is how invested you and your partner are in seeking help and finding solutions to your challenges. It’s also essential that both members of a couple are committed to embarking on a personal growth journey. The third thing that will make your couples therapy journey successful is believing that your partner has good intentions.

The cost of not seeking couples therapy is the end of a relationship you rely on. Sure, your relationship may continue, but it won’t be the healthy relationship you both deserve. When relationships fall apart you may face a messy, expensive divorce. In addition, if you have children, they may suffer psychological damage. Couple’s therapy can save your relationship

The benefits of couples therapy include improved communication, deeper intimacy, better sex (more orgasms!), and improved mental health for both of you. You’ll get to continue through life with the foundation of your relationship to support you both.

Meet Your Concierge Therapist

I’ve spent the last twenty years in clinical practice as a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. I graduated top of my class from The University of Southern California and am a lifelong learner and Associate Psychology Professor at Post University who will use the latest modalities and best practices to customize your treatment program.

I started working in the sex therapy field because while sex is often dismissed as secondary to the other areas of our lives, I believe that this is not the case. Sex connects us to the most intimate and vulnerable parts of ourselves and others. Improving our sex lives often means healing from past trauma, enhancing our self-confidence, and overcoming feelings of guilt and shame related to our bodies.

In my concierge therapy programs, I provide women and couples with customized sex education, help them heal from sexual trauma, and resolve conflict in loving ways. My goal is for you and your partner to experience more pleasure, take your orgasm abilities to the next level, and increase intimacy in your relationships.

I offer concierge therapy services because I understand the needs of busy couples. As an entrepreneur and CEO of SMPsychotherapy & Counseling and SMSexuality & Intimacy Coaching Services, I am no stranger to long hours and the work it takes to build a successful business. I am also a mother and know first-hand how difficult it can be to balance your career with the needs of your loved ones and still take care of your relationship.

You May Have Some Questions About Concierge Couples Therapy

Is couples therapy offered in person or online?

Concierge couples therapy is customized to meet your needs. That means if you need online couples therapy, we can do that, and if you want us to come to your home, office, or your favorite location, we can do that too!

How much is concierge couples therapy?

Since our packages are completely customized based on your needs, we cannot give prices online. We will discuss your unique situation during your discovery call and create a plan tailored to your needs. You’ll know Soribel’s recommendations for treatment and the total investment required at the end of your 2.5-hour evaluation and assessment appointment.

Why is concierge couples therapy a better choice than traditional?

The bottom line is that your time is valuable. You have busy lives that require your relationship to be functioning at a high level. Relationship dissatisfaction affects mental health, success, and overall wellness. You don’t have six to nine months to waste in traditional relationship counseling waiting to see results. Concierge therapy is the choice for couples who want results now.

How Do I Get Started With Concierge Couples Therapy?

Schedule A FREE discovery call!

We want to make sure that our concierge couples therapy services are the right ones for you, so we take your intake and evaluation seriously. Here’s how to get started to see if concierge therapy is right for you.

  1. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to determine your goals for couples therapy and what is holding you back from building your dream relationship
  1. Book your 2.5-hour evaluation and assessment appointment. Our provider will review your questionnaire at this appointment and go through additional evaluation procedures to determine what service packages will best suit your needs. You’ll leave this appointment with detailed next steps for your concierge services.

What’s included: 

    • Intensive intake questionnaire
    • 2.5 hour intensive assessment and evaluation
    • Customized next step plan
  1. Enroll in your customized, intensive concierge therapy program. Each program is specifically tailored to your needs using the latest sex therapy and psychotherapy research.

Schedule your FREE Concierge Therapy Discovery Call Today!

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